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Finsand Development has been creating custom homes and remodels along the Wasatch Front and Park City areas since 2009. We are an award winning builder known for our honesty, integrity, and ability to create beautiful homes and wonderful living spaces for our clients. We pride ourselves on extensive pre-construction analysis with our clients to build foundations for both the build process and of course, the actual structure. For each of our services we have experienced professionals that will handle your project with detail and care. Let us know what you want or envision and we’ll do our best to make it happen.


Who We Are

Finsand Development Custom Homes started in 2009 when KJ Finsand and his brother, who had been building luxury custom homes together in Salt Lake and Utah Counties since 2003, grouped together after when the Recession was lifting to form a customer service based, custom home building company to service clients who had tired of the production builder constraints in design and pricing they faced at every turn. KJ and his brother built in and around many “tract” or “production” builders during those late-recession days at a competitive price, while offering clients the flexibility and freedom of the custom home experience.  Folks were simply tired of paying for limited choices and constant “upgrade” fees for simple changes.  The Finsands heard this loud and clear, implemented it as a cornerstone of their business model, and it still resounds today in KJ’s custom home building business.  Finsand’s homes have overall grown in size and scope since 2009, but one thing remains constant; Finsand’s clients have repeatedly given them the thumbs up for customer service, excellent pre-planning, flexibility, fair pricing, transparent transactions, and excellent follow up after move-in. The fact Finsand Development’s past clients reach out to build their next home, is something that is a very important item to note.

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What We Can Do For You


We’ve always been a strong advocate of setting realistic expectations for both our client’s and our staff when it comes to what can be accomplished within each budget. We work very hard to find out what our clients want for their budget and see if their expectations of what home they want delivered is in line with what their budget is. We will ABSOLUTELY not enter into a working relationship with a client if we are too far apart in what we can deliver.If a builder will toss out a budget number on your project prior to extensive meetings, then beware. They don’t know what you expect as opposed to what your budget is.We work super hard to help you set an HONEST, realistic budget and keep you within that budget.



  1. Non-Commissioned EXPERT, AWARD-WINNING In-House Design

Most all builders have a designer that they refer their clients to. Whether that is in-house or a referral to an outside third-party designer varies. However, where Finsand Development is different, and BETTER, is that our is involved with your project from the Pre-Construction phase to delivery of your home, AND IS HERE TO KEEP YOU WITHIN BUDGET!She helps us define what your wants are in your new home, conveys those to our bidding team when we ballpark price your home, and is there to help you stick to that finish level and pricing through the complete build. She IS NOT paid on commissions or “upgrade” therefore she doesn’t have any impetus to try to push your costs up…flat out transparent and honest. Just the way we do all our business.



At Finsand Development Custom Homes, we work very hard to make sure we “HEAR YOU”. From extensive Pre-Construction meetings, to weekly walk-throughs of your custom project, we want to make sure your thoughts, concerns, expectations, and feedback are heard through our whole staff.Avoiding UNCERTAINTY is a big concern of ours. We treat every client and project like it was our own. Open communication via phone, email, text, group apps…whatever we need to use to help us work together as A TEAM.We want to solve the inevitable build problems together as a team.Problems will arise, its just a matter of when. What sets Finsand Development Custom Homes apart, is how we tackle the challenges and solve them.



Currently Building and Remodeling in:

Park City





Eagle Mountain

Heber City


West Jordan, and MORE!

We Serve most of Salt Lake, Utah, Summit, and Wasatch Counties. Depending on the project we will come to your dream location!


Please contact us directly at 801-559-7856 for current references regarding design, construction, remodels, building, and customer service.  Our past clients can refer to our pre-planning process that starts your build out right!



Turn your project into the vision of your dreams by utilizing our Finsand Advantage Process. Our experts will explain all your options and answer any of your questions. Our team works closely with each client to make sure we are meeting, and exceeding expectations. Get in touch for more information.



We understand the importance of picking the right company that’s experienced, dependable and affordable. We work with only the finest Home Plan Designers in the state, and work hand in hand with our clients to make sure that plans are drawn to meet the budget goals set to begin with.



We offer professional and experienced help with your project, helping to match your unique needs and budget. We strive to provide great customer service and clear communication so you can understand the progress of your job at every phase.



Turn your project into the vision of your dreams. Our experts will explain all your options and answer any of your questions. Our team works closely with each client to make sure we are meeting, and exceeding expectations. Get in touch for more information.

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If you have any questions about a project you may have or about our Finsand Advantage Process reach out to us and we will get in touch with you!

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